More on health care…follow-up

As promised, I would follow up on my thoughts about my health insurance woes.  Since I first posted that entry on health care, I went to the authorities to see what can be done.  Someone had suggested that one way to get the insurer to pay for my bill is to ask my doctor and the lab (which is ridiculously expensive, by the way.  There is really no justification for charging the amount that they do!) to resubmit my claims as an office visit rather than a routine physical.  After all, I did talk to my doctor about some occasional problems that I had.  Apparently, office visits are covered but routine physicals are covered up to $60 every two years.  Ridiculous.

So I took this suggestion and the doctor’s office and the lab will resubmit my claims.  I am now waiting for the results and hopefully we will all come out happy…


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